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The accidental deletion of my entire store…

I’ve been a designer for nearly 10 years.  You’d think that after all that time there would be an organized procedure for uploading my designs for sale.  I was faithfully working on developing one last summer.  My office has a chart outlining the “post-production process” for my new collections so I finally felt like I had an organized system for getting my designs in the market place.

I was jazzed that I was getting so efficient, so I went looking through my shops on one site and found one that was labeled with just numbers – numbers I didn’t recognize in any way.  So I did what anyone who is trying to stay organized and efficient would do – I deleted the mystery account.

Big.  Mistake.

That numbered shop I was seeing was actually where ALL (as in 9 years of designs) were housed.  I completely deleted everything I had listed.  Gone.  Not in just one mouse click, either – I actually clicked the “confirm delete” button when it popped up.  Yup – I was that kind of organized.

I lost a bit of sleep over that one.  Not only was it a pretty extensive catalog of designs – but there were a few that I had created on computers I no longer own and I wasn’t exactly organized in backing up my files, either.  Since I started designing, I’ve gone through four laptops and I’m on my second desk top.  I have 9 thumb drives – none of which are labeled.  There was no way for me to put all of those designs back in.

Nor should I.

See, when I sat down and thought about it after the initial panic faded, I realized I had deleted work that was OLD.  It no longer represented my style.  They were good designs, but some of them weren’t my best work.  Those designs I loved, and those that continue to sell, are still there.  The others are gone, gone, gone.  And I’m actually a bit relieved.  The shop is more organized and I don’t have to agonize about deleting a design I just don’t love.  I just put up new stuff – stuff I am completely in love with – and I am more enthusiastic than ever.

So this year I sat down to do my business taxes and I was expecting to see a bit of dip in sales this year because of the deletion.

The opposite happened.  I actually had a 50% increase in sales this year.   Hmmm…

I think the difference is the organization I now have.  There’s an actual process, a rhythm to new design releases, and a clean organized look to my shops because I don’t have orphan patterns anymore.  I have collections.  I have coordinated prints.  I have a more defined style.  I have designs people haven’t been seeing for 10 years.

So if you’re a new designer, go ahead and post everything you create.  Post it everywhere.  When you have more than a hundred designs and your work finally starts to look cohesive, go back and cull your portfolio. Ruthlessly.

That accident turned out to be the best thing I could have done for my business.

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