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There’s no such thing as vacation…

I am not complaining at all…the truth is I look forward to a week long vacation so I can get things done.  Things that need to be done for my business as well as things I love to do for the enjoyment of them.  Vacation gives me time to organize my business, clean up my computer files, resolve designs, finalize them, and get them ready for posting.  It probably sounds completely cracked, but I look forward to putting in 12 hour days working on my business and creating more artwork.  It’s time to do those things that make me feel more myself, more alive, and more productive.

So here’s how my vacation is going:

On Saturday, I spent four hours organizing my files on my computer.  I had lots of orphan prints that won’t necessarily become part of a collection, so I moved them into one folder so I can resize and post them.

Then I moved on to updating my websites.  Not only did this site get a new look, but my portfolio site was updated as well.  I deleted all of my old posts (I know, but they needed to go…) and formatted new graphics.  I wrote a few posts and scheduled them.  I then moved on to scheduling my social media posts (there’s a sale on Society6 this week, so I had a bunch of artist promos to overlay).  I updated my categories and collections on my sites, got my tax information compiled, and started a few new designs.

I’ve been at my computer for so many hours my neck hurts and my fingers are tingling.  But I feel rejuvenated am completely relaxed.  As a matter of fact, I’d wager I feel better than I have since my last vacation.


When I get tired of being at the computer, I wander into the living room and watch old episodes of Boston Legal (I have loved William Shatner and James Spader as long as I can remember…) while sketching some new motifs for an upcoming collection.  When I’m ready to start playing with layers and colors I go back to my studio and get into the creative zone.

I’m so involved in living my dream life that I forget to eat.  This is what I want all my days to look like.  I want to jump out of bed in the morning  because I can’t wait get busy creating, rather than crawling out of bed because I have to be at work by 8.

So the fact that my vacation is constant “work” doesn’t bother me one bit.  I could have packed a bag and fled to the ocean…but I’d rather see the ocean on my easel.  By the end of this week, I will have three months posted out on Instagram, all of my sites updated with new designs, both of my blogs loaded with new content.

And I’ll have new designs to work on.  Lots of new designs.

I’ll work on some of them this week, and then go back to working on them when I get home from work – or before I go to work.  I’ll draw, paint, scan, manipulate, and compose for at least one solid day every weekend.  I’ll stack up new files in my “Works In Progress” folder and complete new designs that won’t necessarily become collections.

So on my next vacation I can start all over again.  Then I’m going to the beach for some much needed relaxation – and at night in my hotel room?  I’ll be sketching, of course!

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