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I’m starting a new collection of eclectic and organic themed textiles.

I’m starting to build a new collection of textiles for a bedroom. The feel should be soft, organic, and very restful – but the bedding is going to stay completely white (there’s an ultra soft microfiber duvet cover and pillow shams that must remain). In order to design something that will fit the space seamlessly, I took some photos of items in room that are going to remain and will have to “live” with the textiles.

Items that must stay in the room

The inspiration:

I already planned a collection for a masculine bath with loose organic lines and subtle nature motifs – so I think I’m going to use that theme and build this collection with the same back-beat but instead of the masculine slate grays and tobacco hues I had originally planned, I’m going to soften the color palette to include some of the greens and cream hues that are already in the space.

The room has great light, but the driving force behind this design re-do was the difficulty in finding blackout curtains that would keep the light out and have a subtle global feel to them without being fussy or too literal. Yes, there are lots of Asian accents in the space – but the room is going a little more “global nomad” and not just Far East. The main fabric right now is a bright white duvet cover which will remain in the space. I’ll go into the reasons for that later on, but it really does make sense (although when I get the collection designed, there will be bedding and bath options as well because that’s what I do).

There isn’t much texture in a white microfiber duvet cover – so I’ll have to build in some subtle textures to make the curtains, pillows, and art work all work with the inviting -if rather boring- duvet. There will be room for throw pillows and a nice area rug over the hardwood floors. I imagine there will also be a fresh coat of paint since the current color is a soft gray/blue
(I think of it as Spa Blue) with an accent wall in a slightly darker hue.

The furniture isn’t Asian, but rather eclectic – a nice leather tufted headboard with good lines, two nightstands in totally different styles that are personal antiques, and a vintage dresser and chest of drawers that have a curved front and interesting details – in a very out-dated dark cherry finish. There are also louvered doors to the closet in the same cherry finish – those will need some attention as well.

I am not an interior designer – (even though I do love to do it in my own space). My job here is to get some artwork done to turn into wall art and textiles so this room goes from rather mismatched and boring to a total destination. I’m super excited about the challenge – even if there are some really big obstacles to deal with. Actually, I think it helps to have a space to visualize the collection in and obstacles in the “real world” make designing more fun.

I’ll be posting more about this – including the motifs I come up with to work in this space – and yes, there will be a final reveal once everything is pulled together. I thought it might be fun to do a series of posts about one collection – from conception to completion – and give you an inside look into what I put into my design process.

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