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My December organizational binge

I work a full time job in an entirely different industry from the art world.  That leaves me scrambling to create content for Instagram, get my portfolio updated (and post the updates to my artist website  Once all of that is done, I have to finish collections, design new elements, make new patterns…and the list goes on and on.  So I took one day in December to just organize my new year in the hopes that 2020 will have a more easy work flow.

So here’s what I did on that one day…

Hunted and downloaded a bunch of images for my blog and those days when I simply don’t have anything to post on Instagram, but want to keep active on that platform.

Edited all of those photos with the same set of filters so I could have a consistent “look” that conveys my brand identity (that’s another post entirely!).

Created a bunch of featured images from this blog from those images and from my own designs – including titles of what I want to write about.

Created a bunch of posts in a similar format so you know what you’re getting when you read (most) of my posts here.

Chose 12 color palettes – one for every month – so all of my feeds have a consistent look.  After all, I’m an artist so one color palette for everything is just not possible.  I can’t post collections with the same color palette all year, can I?

Set some new goals for the upcoming year and evaluated my progress on my goals from last year (another post).

Took my dog on a nice walk because all work and no play just isn’t good for my mental health or hers!

Evaluated my unfinished collections to decide which ones will be completed and which ones will remain as single designs.  I do different things with those singles, and forcing a pattern just leads to a pattern that looks forced.

Reevaluated my retirement plan and progress toward that goal.

Scheduled in days during the month when I will just play with new techniques or take new classes to increase my skill set.  This is really important for keeping my work fresh and keeping me enthusiastic about creating new things.

I did all of that in 4 hours…then I turned off my internet, got out my paints and just created things for the rest of the day.  I had a sense of accomplishment as well as a pretty clear place I’m going this year.  All in all, not a bad day’s work.  I even put in my calendar for next December a date to do this whole list again.  Remember, it’s forward motion that counts – how straight the line going forward doesn’t matter – as long as the general direction is clear.

December Organization Binge
Blog post about keeping all the business balls in the air – and still having time to create art.

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