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How to know what sells for you

I thought we'd switch it up a bit and talk about the business side of art.  I've invested countless sleepless nights trying to decide what direction to take my art in, but the truth is when I sit down to design I really am inspired more by my imagination than by a certain aesthetic.  I… Continue reading How to know what sells for you

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How to create an Instagram Puzzle

I'm stupidly excited that I managed to create my first Instagram puzzle.  I've seen the accounts that use these and I think they're so cool - but I thought it would be super hard to do it, so I just let it slide until tonight.  I saw someone posting that they'd sell you the templates… Continue reading How to create an Instagram Puzzle

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New Art Licensing Options

At this point in my art career, I'm not yet ready to work with an agent or studio to license my designs.  But I have been creating some new designs for different markets - like these cute bunnies for the gift bag market.  I was hanging on to my designs, building my portfolio with the… Continue reading New Art Licensing Options

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The vision for 2020

I like setting goals for my business.  I set really lofty goals and try to hit my targets, but when I'm setting those goals I forget that life is often busy and my business goals will undoubtedly take a back seat to the really important things like family.  That's okay, though because goals are a… Continue reading The vision for 2020

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My December organizational binge

I work a full time job in an entirely different industry from the art world.  That leaves me scrambling to create content for Instagram, get my portfolio updated (and post the updates to my artist website  Once all of that is done, I have to finish collections, design new elements, make new patterns...and the… Continue reading My December organizational binge

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Beautifully organized chaos

I love symmetry and balance.  I have a gallery wall in my living room with a collection of nautical art that has circles, squares, rectangles, and ovals all perfectly balanced with a large picture in the center.  It looks a little like this: I spent hours measuring odd shaped pictures and hunting through my collection… Continue reading Beautifully organized chaos

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Making art my second career

I've had a successful career in another field for over 20 years. When things got stressful or discouraging I sought solace in the same place again and again - my art studio. Painting, drawing, and designing have carried me through some of the worst times in my life and have also given me some of… Continue reading Making art my second career

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My biggest summer project: the studio/office redo!

For many years now, my entire house has been used as my art studio. I would paint watercolor florals at my kitchen table because the light was good. I would set my easel up in the living room and paint with the front door open so I had the light streaming in and no glare… Continue reading My biggest summer project: the studio/office redo!