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The first time I heard the words “Textile Designer”

It's strange how life sometimes throws you a hint.  Even stranger is the way that a certain memory is stored with perfect clarity while the rest of the same day fades away.  It was summertime, right before I went away to college and I was visiting a friend of mine.  We were standing in his… Continue reading The first time I heard the words “Textile Designer”

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Creating woodblock prints digitally

Woodblock printing is a technique for printing text, images or patterns used widely throughout East Asia and originating in China in antiquity as a method of printing on textiles and later paper. As a method of printing on cloth, the earliest surviving examples from China date to before 220 AD. Wikipedia I wish I had the… Continue reading Creating woodblock prints digitally

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Refining your artistic style

This past year, I spent a great deal of time trying to refine and clarify my artistic voice. I really love a minimalist style and thought my art should reflect that. A concerted effort to fit my art into a very tight mold frustrated me beyond belief. I wound up being completely blocked because I… Continue reading Refining your artistic style

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My December organizational binge

I work a full time job in an entirely different industry from the art world.  That leaves me scrambling to create content for Instagram, get my portfolio updated (and post the updates to my artist website  Once all of that is done, I have to finish collections, design new elements, make new patterns...and the… Continue reading My December organizational binge

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Beautifully organized chaos

I love symmetry and balance.  I have a gallery wall in my living room with a collection of nautical art that has circles, squares, rectangles, and ovals all perfectly balanced with a large picture in the center.  It looks a little like this: I spent hours measuring odd shaped pictures and hunting through my collection… Continue reading Beautifully organized chaos

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Making art my second career

I've had a successful career in another field for over 20 years. When things got stressful or discouraging I sought solace in the same place again and again - my art studio. Painting, drawing, and designing have carried me through some of the worst times in my life and have also given me some of… Continue reading Making art my second career

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Why there is so much orange in my portfolio

I've been going through a revamping of the Sand & Chi brand since this past summer. I've really been trying to focus on a cohesive style instead of just producing a rather random mix of patterns and prints in various forms. One of the things I did in the process was to look at my… Continue reading Why there is so much orange in my portfolio

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My biggest summer project: the studio/office redo!

For many years now, my entire house has been used as my art studio. I would paint watercolor florals at my kitchen table because the light was good. I would set my easel up in the living room and paint with the front door open so I had the light streaming in and no glare… Continue reading My biggest summer project: the studio/office redo!