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Refining your artistic style

This past year, I spent a great deal of time trying to refine and clarify my artistic voice. I really love a minimalist style and thought my art should reflect that. A concerted effort to fit my art into a very tight mold frustrated me beyond belief. I wound up being completely blocked because I… Continue reading Refining your artistic style

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Why there is so much orange in my portfolio

I've been going through a revamping of the Sand & Chi brand since this past summer. I've really been trying to focus on a cohesive style instead of just producing a rather random mix of patterns and prints in various forms. One of the things I did in the process was to look at my… Continue reading Why there is so much orange in my portfolio

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Changing it up by choosing new colors

I typically design with rich, saturated colors. I like bright and deep colors that really pop, but there are some design elements that seem to lend themselves to a more neutral color palette - and honestly, I think most people shy away from lots of color in their homes. As an artist, I am drawn… Continue reading Changing it up by choosing new colors