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My Summer Art Class

Every summer I try to take an art class that is different from what I do every day as a pattern designer.  Recently, I've been looking a lot at illustration, and I have a few illustrators whose work I adore - but I am so not an illustrator.  I am a painter - and I… Continue reading My Summer Art Class

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Cleaning up my “orphan” print files

I like to design in collections - it brings cohesion to my portfolio and allows me to fully explore a concept or technique before I move on to a new project.  Collections give me multiple options for my customers and allows me the freedom to experiment with colors and layouts without reinventing the wheel. But… Continue reading Cleaning up my “orphan” print files

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What to do if you forgot to keep your layers separate…

Depending on what I'm doing, sometimes I like to keep my layers separated by color.  When working in Corel Painter, I love being able to select just one color and add a highlight or shadow to that part of the picture without having to worry that I'm disturbing the entire image.  Below is an example… Continue reading What to do if you forgot to keep your layers separate…